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Orbital position Satellite Norad .ini News channels Free To Air only Longitude Declination now Max declination Azimuth Elevation Last updated
31.5°E Astra 5B 39617 288 37 31.53°E 0.01° 0.05° N/A N/A 2018-10-11 22:47
31.5°E Astra 1G 32071 0 0 31.5°E 0.01° 0.06° N/A N/A 2018-10-15 17:47

KingOfSat News

Scan update !
5 months ago, KingOfSat's main satellite dish had to be moved away from its original location. Since that time, scan updates were processed with our backup dish, limited to the main european satellites in Ku band only. We are proud to announce that installation of the main dish to its new location has finally been achieved. C-Band scans, as well as scan updates up to 68.5°E and 58°W will resume progressively from October 6th.



Astra 5B, 31.5°E

MagtiSat: Peretz (Russia) broadcasts in DVB-S2 BulCrypt & Panaccess on 11954.00MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:5/6 SID:1045 PID:1451[MPEG-4]/1452 Russian.

24 Dok has left 11954.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S2 SID:1045 PID:1451[MPEG-4]/1452 Russian), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe.


RTL Klub
RTL Klub

Orange Romania: HBO 3 HD Central Europe (U.S.A.) broadcasts in DVB-S2 Viaccess 5.0 on 12090.00MHz, pol.V SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:8221 PID:1910[MPEG-4] /1908 Romanian,1909 Hungarian.

Orange Romania: A new channel has started in DVB-S2 Viaccess 5.0: RTL Klub (Hungary) on 12090.00MHz, pol.V SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:8220 PID:2201[MPEG-4]/2202 Hungarian.

Sext6Senso has left 12110.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S SID:9013 PID:113[MPEG-4]/213)

Satisfaction Channel Television has left 12110.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S SID:9014 PID:114[MPEG-4]/214)

Orange Romania: Transilvania Look has left 12168.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:8709 PID:7091[MPEG-4] /7092 Romanian)

CetoXcento TV has left 12110.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S SID:9015 PID:115[MPEG-4]/215), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe.

Park Razvlechenie has left 12266.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S2 SID:1096 PID:1961[MPEG-4]/1962 Russian), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe.

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