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Most recent updates


 Intelsat 10-02 (0.8W) - JimJam EMEA has left 12607.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:11019 PID:1902[MPEG-4]/1903 aac Czech,1904 aac English,1905 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Intelsat 10-02 (0.8W) - CBS Reality has left 12607.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:11012 PID:1202[MPEG-4]/1203 aac Czech,1204 aac English,1205 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Intelsat 10-02 (0.8W) - TV Paprika has left 12563.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:10021 PID:2102[MPEG-4]/2103 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Intelsat 10-02 (0.8W) - Muzsika TV has left 12563.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:10017 PID:1702[MPEG-4]/1703 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Intelsat 10-02 (0.8W) - Cool TV has left 12563.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:10012 PID:1202[MPEG-4]/1203 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Thor 6 (0.8W) - Sport 2 HD Czechia has left 12456.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:9026 PID:2602[MPEG-4] /2603 aac Slovakian,2604 aac Czech) (09h55)

 Thor 6 (0.8W) - RTL Gold has left 12456.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:9023 PID:2302[MPEG-4]/2303 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Thor 6 (0.8W) - RTL+ has left 12456.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:9022 PID:2202[MPEG-4]/2203 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Thor 6 (0.8W) - Disney Channel Hungary & Czechia has left 12456.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S2 SID:9013 PID:1302[MPEG-4]/1303 aac Slovakian,1304 aac Czech,1305 aac English,1306 aac Hungarian) (09h55)

 Eutelsat 3B (3E) - RADIO 06 WORLD SERVICE has left 11679.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S2 SID:1586 APID:1861 Farsi) (09h40)

Newly added TV channels

Oromia 11
Oromia 11

 Harvest TV Keralam (India, General): Intelsat 20 (IS-20) (2021-09-21)

 Panik TV (Greece, Various): Eutelsat 9B (2021-09-20)

 Oromia 11 (Ethiopia, General): Intelsat 20 (IS-20) (2021-09-19)

 ZNBC 4 (Zambia, General): Eutelsat 8 West B (2021-09-19)

 Direct Store TV (United Kingdom, Teleshopping): Astra 2G (2021-09-19)

 RTI (Isangarino) (Burundi, General): Eutelsat 10A (2021-09-19)

 Rema TV (Burundi, General): Eutelsat 10A (2021-09-19)

 BETV (Burundi, General): Eutelsat 10A (2021-09-19)

 Discovery Kids Argentina HD (U.S.A., Children): Intelsat 21 (2021-09-18)

 Animal Planet Argentina HD (U.S.A., Documentaries): Intelsat 21 (2021-09-18)

 RTLup (Germany, Entertainment): Astra 1L (2021-09-17)

 RTLup Austria (Austria, Entertainment): Astra 1KR (2021-09-17)

 Kanal 65 (Turkey, General): Türksat 4A (2021-09-16)

 Hala Mosar3a (undefined, Various): Eutelsat 7 West A (2021-09-16)

 Zorayniy (Ukraine, Various): Astra 4A (2021-09-16)

New frequencies / SR / FEC / Standard changes

 New frequency: Eutelsat 21B (21.6E), 11659.52MHz pol.V, DVB-S QPSK, SR:2000, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-23)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 16A (16E), 12564.24MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:6332, FEC:3/4 (2021-09-22)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 16A (16E), 10961.71MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:3333, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-21)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 36B (36E), 12578.89MHz pol.V, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:1471, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-21)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 8 West B (8W), 3847.00MHz pol.R, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:18000, FEC:3/4 (2021-09-19)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 10A (10E), 3865.00MHz pol.R, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:4680, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-19)

 New frequency: Eutelsat 8 West B (8W), 3953.00MHz pol.L, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:1002, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-18)

 New frequency: SES 4 (22W), 3709.00MHz pol.R, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:3333, FEC:2/3 (2021-09-18)

 New frequency: Intelsat 21 (58W), 3840.00MHz pol.V, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:30000, FEC:5/6 (2021-09-18)

 New frequency: Yamal 601 (49E), 3594.00MHz pol.R, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:5120, FEC:3/4 (2021-09-18)

Latest TV channels gone temporarily FTA

Rai Sport
Rai Sport

 Hot Bird 13E (13E) - Rai Sport is now transmitted Free To Air (10992.16MHz, pol.V SR:27500 FEC:2/3 SID:8523 PID:515/655 Italian,755 English). (2021-09-23 07h35)

 Eutelsat 16A (16E) - Max TV & Total TV: TV Koper-Capodistria is now transmitted Free To Air (11678.25MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:68 PID:2917[MPEG-4]/2661 Italian). (2021-09-23 07h22)

 Express AM 7 (40E) - OTR is now transmitted Free To Air (3586.00MHz, pol.L SR:15284 FEC:3/4 SID:1090 PID:1091[MPEG-4]/1092 Russian). (2021-09-22 09h08)

 Astra 3B (23.5E) - German Tote TV is now transmitted Free To Air (11934.00MHz, pol.V SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:14041 PID:4110[MPEG-4]/4120). (2021-09-20 07h18)

 Intelsat 34 (55.5W) - Latina is now transmitted Free To Air (4141.00MHz, pol.H SR:5000 FEC:3/4 SID:22 PID:4112[MPEG-4] /4114 Spanish,4116). (2021-09-18 16h19)

 Intelsat 11 (43W) - CNN USA is now transmitted Free To Air (4040.00MHz, pol.H SR:30800 FEC:7/8 SID:13 PID:2860/2800 English,2801). (2021-09-18 10h54)

 Intelsat 11 (43W) - CNN Headline News is now transmitted Free To Air (4040.00MHz, pol.H SR:30800 FEC:7/8 SID:9 PID:2160/100 English,101). (2021-09-16 10h56)

 Intelsat 11 (43W) - CNN International Latin America is now transmitted Free To Air (4040.00MHz, pol.H SR:30800 FEC:7/8 SID:3 PID:2260/2220 English,2222). (2021-09-16 10h56)

 Intelsat 11 (43W) - CNN Mexico is now transmitted Free To Air (4040.00MHz, pol.H SR:30800 FEC:7/8 SID:6 PID:2460/2420 Spanish,2422). (2021-09-16 10h56)

 Intelsat 11 (43W) - CNN Venezuela is now transmitted Free To Air (4040.00MHz, pol.H SR:30800 FEC:7/8 SID:12 PID:2760/700 Spanish,701). (2021-09-16 10h56)

Top 10 searches in the last 24 hours (en)

M6 (22) - France 2 (16) - ZDF (14) - Arena (14) - RTLup (13) - XXL (13) - beIN (11) - EuroNews (10) - Animal Planet (10) - TF1 4K (10)


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