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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

Theorical beam coverage - frequencies: Hellas Sat 2  F2

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2015-02-28 21:55:01ade3661 (51.7N-0.9W,80cm) ? No signal only for the fact that my house roof is blocking the signal and attached to neighbors.

2014-04-04 15:27:34dppaki (58.1N-19.9E,98cm) ? not signal polaris media

2011-11-25 12:10:19giuseppe2 (42.5N-3.2W,80cm) españa,vitoria señal 73 calidad 56 12565 h 30000

2011-04-14 09:41:48GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Good signal, mediocre signal from 78cm.

2011-03-14 12:58:53Defter (51.2N-13.9E,80cm) 13,8E/51,0N signal very good with 80 cm Dish

2010-11-24 20:03:59Lesia_jak102 (59.6N-18.7E,70cm) ? very high quality on some but not ERT :(

2010-11-18 10:12:37kamelop (40.3N-1.4E,80cm) signal power 85-98% quallity BARCELONA

2010-11-04 23:48:55arsenalbh (-,90cm) tesanj-bbosna i hercegovina..signal ok

2010-09-25 07:46:24pompagiu (37N-24.2E,120cm) ? helas2 on sparti multifeed+thor?

2010-03-10 18:19:53Quantum (42N-24.6E,95cm) 95% Strenght 100% Quality

2010-01-18 23:19:13andres_alonso (37.2N-1.9W,80cm) Good signal from Almería (Spain) in transponders 11078,11146 and 11189 with quality around 55% and signal strength 85%. 11104 isn't received for a hair (it goes in, out with 25% quality).

2009-06-22 23:59:46REDSAEED (22.4N-40.3E,130cm) الترددات عندي ضعيفة لاأستقبل سوى التردد 11512

2008-08-04 22:19:00Jedin (64.5N-21.1E,110cm) No signal

2007-03-16 19:43:11molov (33.5N-7W,1cm) ? .

2007-02-02 15:50:14SatelliteHero (41N-27.8E,90cm) good signal - 90cm dish

2006-01-21 16:11:24mbortola (-,0cm) ? Clean but weakish signal with 80cm and 0.3db LNB

2005-12-04 16:26:21mbortola (-,0cm) ? tipota

2005-05-18 12:52:29POPOVP (42.8N-27.6E,90cm) ? 73% signal in Varna, Bulgaria.0,3db SKY SAT, 0,8/0,9m offset dish.

2005-05-14 06:30:43ayhanekinci (37.2N-37.8E,90cm) all ok

2005-05-07 16:48:49walid20150 (33.5N-7.7W,110cm) ? je reçoit plus rien

2005-04-15 23:01:55roooom (25.5N-31.3E,90cm) ? no signal with 90 cm

2005-01-17 18:29:38Javier (37.1N-3.3W,150cm) Very strong reception in Granada (Spain) with a signal of 91%

2005-01-17 18:29:09Javier (37.1N-3.3W,150cm) Very strong reception in Granada (Spain) with a signal of 91%

2005-01-17 18:26:01Javier (37.1N-3.3W,150cm) Good reception with a signal of 91%

2004-09-14 11:00:49Spinner (45.5N-9.2E,85cm) Strong signal in Milan with 85 cm

2004-08-10 18:41:26adrian (36.6N-5.2W,150cm) senal perfecta con 110 y 150 cts. en marbella

2004-08-03 14:32:57kostas (59.3N-17.8E,80cm)

2004-05-06 12:12:46seb (49.1N-5.5E,75cm) ? pas de siganl

2004-02-24 08:25:52kostas (59.3N-17.8E,80cm)

2004-01-08 12:27:20JPierre (45.7N-3E,90cm) ? Impossible de recevoir RIK (Chyprus TV)

2004-01-08 10:06:33MARSIDE (37.8N-23.8E,115cm) ? OTI KAIRO K NA EXEI 1000%SIGNAL QUALITY

2003-12-18 08:44:13kostas (59.3N-17.8E,80cm) 45-50% signal power 85-98% quallity

2003-12-09 00:18:00lokoboss (45N-11.2E,90cm) ? stin ferrara -italia,den mporo na piaso me tipote,piato 90cm

2003-10-14 00:22:38Dimi (48.1N-11.6E,90cm) On Center Astra-19*E and Multifeed 39*E (20* Difference) with 90cm-Dish in Munich, Strong-Signal 65% on F2-Beam :) wow...

2003-10-07 23:37:05jmytil (49.7N-10E,90cm) teleia lipsi 100% me poly broxi exo

2003-10-07 23:09:03thessaloniki (40.4N-22.7E,140cm) special quality 1000%

2003-10-07 23:04:43giannis (51.3N-5.4E,120cm) ? poli kalo 100%

2003-09-01 21:16:26Nex (51.2N-7.1E,120cm) ? Very Strong Signal 90% with Rain.

2003-08-15 12:20:29dxn (39.9N-9W,210cm) Very strong signal here almost 80%

2003-06-27 23:14:25yiannis (50.9N-0.4E,80cm) ? 60cm dish from london signal quality 100% clear sky.rain 80%.humax 5400,l.n.b grudic(sky digital)

2003-06-20 20:37:39KingOfSat (47.7N-0E,90cm) very strong signal / signal très puissant

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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