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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

  Beam: Americas+Europe
Theorical beam coverage - frequencies: Intelsat 11  

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2018-01-11 00:36:54ZDIG (38.9N-17.6E,90cm) ? NO RECEPTION IN TUNISIA

2013-03-05 14:29:10Rolex (45.4N-7E,80cm) ? @ lytt33 Hola, segun el esquema de cobertura para Intelsat 11, desde las Islas Canarias y Madeira necesitas para una fuerza PIRE de 34 dBW al rededor de unos 355 cm. Puntualizo, esto, segun el esquema que adjunté en el mensaje anterior. Saludos y buena suerte... comunicanos si logras captar.

2013-03-05 14:23:25Rolex (45.4N-7E,80cm) ? Actualmente se puede captar con una parabolica de 150cm bien afinada desde practicamente toda Europa. Aqui adjunto un enlace para conocer el Campo PIRE fuerza diámetro de la antena. Saludos y buena recepcion.

2012-07-04 22:37:02lytt33 (-,240cm) ? hola, queria saber si este satelite se puede ver desde la isla de Madeira

2012-03-18 12:46:29duck77 (38.6N-24.4W,240cm) ? I pick up here in the Azores only one frequency Cholusat Sur 3877 V with a signal 35%

2011-08-30 08:38:07khalidjnidi (-,0cm) ? ارجاء ارسال التردد

2011-08-22 19:12:20rrr969 (46.7N-31.2E,114cm) ? Who have received BBC HD in East Europe?

2011-07-01 21:43:12pride21 (50.7N-1.3W,150cm) two transponders received on 1.4mtr dish

2011-05-03 12:26:46deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? There are some positive reception reports from Europe: Of course just C-Band.

2011-05-02 03:36:56joselolo20042 (42.1N-8.3W,200cm) ? Nadie puede responder si se ve en El Sur de Europa este Satelite? , llevo 3 Años Preguntandolo y nadie Responde.

2011-02-25 16:58:25gueasusvara (-,100cm) ? i have got a Technomate satellite receiver ,1metre dish my locatin is 0.01w long & 51.1n london i want to watch mexican o latin american channels

2010-08-29 17:17:40joselolo20042 (42.1N-8.3W,200cm) ? Quisiera que alguien me respondiera si VE o No Ve este Satelite en Europa.Por Favor.

2010-01-21 00:33:28joselolo20042 (42.1N-8.3W,200cm) ? Se Ve o no se Ve en Europa?.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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