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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2012-09-18 23:53:15CONAXTHEWARRIOR (55.8N-9.9E,110cm) Vejle Denmark.Channels 100 Clear on all transponders of all 28e satellites.Astra 2F launches in sept 2012 with reported narrow UK beam sending BBC, ITV & other national channels. Possibly no more reception of these in Denmark, will report when the satellite is up & running.

2012-03-09 13:54:05maxbaci (44N-9.1E,100cm) ? Cengio SV strong and stable signal on all transponders, signal strenght 80% quality 100%

2011-12-14 19:34:13ping tjung (-,0cm) ? Bornholm/Denmark 55N-15E 120cm horiz channnels low signal. Gon when it rains NO vert channels at all... I will try a bigger dish..

2011-11-05 00:40:30Asterix (51.2N-7E,38cm) best quality with my little dish

2011-10-03 04:58:23Meridian (-,135cm) ? No signal. Country :Romania, City: Titu

2011-09-17 01:11:25Croromano (46.3N-11.3E,80cm) from 12pm to 6pm weak signal.

2011-07-16 13:55:40saa (-,120cm) ? no signal

2011-07-11 17:28:47skyscanner (42.3N-14.5E,150cm) no signal Astra 2D my position is 42 ° 12'N 14 ° 23'E

2011-07-11 17:25:55skyscanner (42.3N-14.5E,150cm) no signal Astra 2D

2011-06-30 15:09:57amedero2000 (36.4N-2.9W,80cm) ? no veo numerosos cananles de hd ademas de los de bbc

2011-06-13 12:47:52cupo92 (45.5N-20.9E,100cm) j dont have a signal with 100cm (BiH)

2011-06-05 12:24:07spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) no BBC and ITV HD with my 85 ...

2011-05-22 12:49:30left hand (30.1N-7.9W,180cm) i receive BBC1 and BBC2 freq 10773

2011-04-14 09:44:06GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal, also from 78cm.

2011-03-17 12:30:04deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? @vpetruzziello Unfortunately not. 1.80m is sufficient down to Firenze. Further South you will need much much bigger dishes. 3.80m was ok in Roma. In Napoli a 4m dish had been tested but with negative result as you can read here:

2011-03-17 08:01:02vpetruzziello (40.4N-14.3E,140cm) No astra 2D at all with a 140 cm dish. Could it be worth switching to a 180 cm dish ?

2011-02-20 13:45:04VVMJ (35.6N-6.4W,80cm) ? I want to know if a .80m diameter dish is large enough for receiving Astra 2d in Chiclana (Cádiz - Spain) I want to know if a .80m diameter dish is large enough for receiving Astra 2d

2011-02-20 13:42:14VVMJ (35.6N-6.4W,80cm) ? I want to know if a .80m diameter dish is large enough for receiving Astra 2d

2011-01-27 22:42:27nesha971 (43.1N-20.7E,145cm) Astra 2d no signal. Parabolic dish 145 cm

2011-01-12 00:11:31sabadell (41.4N-3.7E,135cm) in Barcelona all channels 80cm very good signal 90%.

2010-09-29 20:35:09harryparos (-,100cm) good signal

2010-07-31 17:38:22jmgsimpson (42.5N-8.6W,180cm) Vigo, NW Spain. Moved to a Gilbertini OP150, 10773H (BBC1 NI) and 10803 (BBC2) & 12148H (Eurosport 2) 2D & 2A Nth, patchy until mid-day, 10747V (BBC1 CI) perfect. V.Poor on 1.2m, patchy on 1.5m, will compare to 1.8m CM when I get it connected.

2010-07-13 18:11:31DragonSat (40N-13.7E,100cm) Occasional lock on verticals in evening

2010-01-18 11:02:18andres_alonso (37.2N-1.9W,80cm) 80cms not enough for any transponder from Almería province in Spain

2009-12-13 11:55:05hiach (60.3N-5.3E,70cm) MTI AP8-XTZEBL 0.2dB LNB on Humax Foxsat HD RCVR. 80% to 100% signal quality in good conditions. 10773H first to go during heavy rain.

2009-11-05 00:20:35rrr969 (46.7N-31.2E,114cm) ? no in odessa

2009-09-21 22:27:07saturner (47.9N-12.1E,100cm) SNR 7.0 dB on BBC1 Wales in south-east Germany with 100cm dish, Skystar 2 and MTI High Line LNB.

2009-09-10 23:32:20felixis (40.6N-20.3E,95cm) ? no reception with 90 cm dish in Ohrid, Macedonia

2009-08-10 23:12:31deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? For Astra 2D in Vienna you will need something very big. Reception starts on 2.40m but to have reliable bad weather margin 3.50m unfortunately is not exaggerated. 2D will be alive max. 3 years from now, after that nobody knows if it will become worse. For the rest a 60cm dish is sufficient.

2009-08-10 14:47:56flea13 (47.9N-15.7E,80cm) I'm in Vienna, Austria and need to receive ASTRA 2D + Eurobird1 28,5°E. How big should be my dish? Thanks for help!!

2009-08-06 00:27:59stefanblge (63.9N-16.5E,70cm) Various Signal on 10714 , no vertical on lowband Various from 60-80% reception strengh and 60-95% q. using 70cm dish , might need bigger? no idea.

2009-08-03 12:13:43deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? Interesting athensat. I've never heard before that there is so much difference in between Athens and Southern Attica area. But this is the typical out of footprint behaviour. Some km further and the situation can be better/worse. jimmyg, i agree with athensat. A Gibertini OP150 should also do the job, even for the weaker upper Eurobird 1 Fixed Beam frequencies. Fortec Star dishes as many people say do not perform well in the Ku-Band. It would have made sense to go to a high quality 1.80m for higher bad weather margin but 2.40m is definitely the overkill for Athens unless you're planning to distribute the signal to decades of receivers.

2009-08-01 17:10:08athensat (-,180cm) ? jimmyg you should try with Gibertini 155cm,you dont need bigger dish for Astra 2A andB

2009-08-01 15:07:03jimmyg (37.4N-22.7E,120cm) i'm in athens greece with 120cm dish depending on the receiver you have get half of 2a/2b early morning and late at night the rest but sometimes those channels break up and also missing a few, 2d can't receive nothing, now i upgraded to a thomson 8215 hd receiver, it's a less sensitive tuner than the pace 2600/ds430n so i am forced to get a bigger dish, cheapest is 240cm prime focus/fortec dish which I should be ok, as for 2d channels some are broadcasted on eurobird/astra2a/2b in other channels menu and on another tuner (fec 29500 rate which can't be changed on a sky digibox).

2009-07-31 15:35:41athensat (-,180cm) ? deepbluesky i believe that 450cm solid dish propably gives 40% or 50% for Astra 2D until the center of Athens.If you go more south in Attica then you need even bigger dish.Maybe for all Attica region you need 480cm even 500cm and i mean Cape Sounio,the signal as you went south east dropped radicly.

2009-07-30 23:27:56deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? athensat, certainly but since 11 of the 16 transponders carry this content it's hard to guess if they get them all or just some of them. As i had been told some years before 5m were the supposed size for proper 2D reception in Athens but i wonder if there is some big difference in between the particular frequencies and hourly fluctuation of C/N. Over Greece as you surely know, the situation is rather chaotic. Whereas in the Northwest the Horizontals are present even on 2.40m+, in the Southeast it's the Verticals and in between somebody from Lamia posted years before that on his 3.8m Patriot dish he did not get full 2D but frequencies from both polarities losing them for some hours. So i guess Athens could also be in this in between area and even 4.5m might be enough for weak but stable minima. Never had seen a list of C/N values so thought you might know more. Anyway, never mind. 3 years are left max and then we'll see what will change.

2009-07-28 20:01:28athensat (-,180cm) ? deepbluesky Definitely the UK embassy is intrested in receiving BBC channels and ITV and Channel4

2009-07-28 18:53:29deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? athensat, is there a chance to find out which transponders the British Embassy receives stable on 24/7 basis with 4.50m ?

2009-07-28 14:21:52athensat (-,180cm) ? deepbluesky for Astra 2D in Attica region you need minimum 450cm solid dish.This is what is used in the roof of the british embassy in Athens nearby the War Museum

2009-05-17 14:57:49jmgsimpson (42.5N-8.6W,180cm) 120cm Smart Titanium 0.2dB LNB, lowest 4 Horzontal Transponders not available to 1pm, lowest (C4 10714.00H)5pm.All channels available 5pm to 2am

2009-04-27 13:24:14UniVerseHub (41.9N-19.6E,120cm) I can't see Astra 2D from here with 120cm dish. Somebody help me....

2009-04-27 13:11:13UniVerseHub (41.9N-19.6E,120cm) I can't see Astra 2D from here with 120cm dish. Somebody help me....

2009-04-18 15:41:23bonou2 (47.6N-23.5E,120cm) I receive Astra 2D signal with 190cm prime focus antena only vertical transponder ( 1.9m dish ,lnb inverto+feedhorn C120,Strong 4500CI)

2009-04-02 20:53:04spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) Milan: all ok for 2D with a 85 cm but very weak signal from 10891 --> only

2009-03-20 14:46:16finder (40.4N-3.6W,75cm) No,con parábola de 80 cm.

2008-11-26 14:08:44kinzo181318 (32N-36.6E,200cm) I have 200 cm dish , HD reciever & full HD T.V . I wont to watch BBC HD on Astara 2D is it beam to Meddle east - Amman - Jordan please help me .

2008-11-24 17:15:12kinzo181318 (32N-36.6E,200cm) Good day, can I see Astra 2D on Amman Jordan-ME coz I wont to watch BBC HD ch. please i am waitting for your replay my e-mail is : best regards

2008-11-05 15:12:41dromadaires (44.8N-11.8E,120cm) ? 60% signal, with heavy rain some drop-outs.

2008-10-24 21:59:54qqq969 (46.6N-30.9E,90cm) ? not at 90 dish in Odessa Ucraine

2008-10-08 18:09:26startrek60 (42.9N-26.4E,120cm) No trail of signal in Bulgaria with 2.00 m satellite dish.With 3 metres works only the vertikal frequencies.

2008-10-04 19:56:23Samuli (60.7N-23.9E,240cm) Kirkkonummi, Finland, only vertical ok with 240cm dish.

2008-06-14 07:03:50flees (54.7N-10.5E,222cm) Update from the island of Fyn, Denmark Been receiving 2D for over 2 years now with no problems. 1.2mtr dish, 60mtr cable run with amp halfway, (New) Kathrein UFS910 HDTV Sat RX running on Linux. This appears to be much better than my old one (see previous post). Receives BBC HD and Luxe TV HD but no ITV HD. All other channels have improved picture quality due to a better processor more memory etc in the Sat box. Snow and heavy rain does not knock the signals except when snow sticks to the dish more than 1cm thick. Freesat working fine, only the Freesat EPG that is not available to me which is no problem. Streams also work fine and were detected automatically in a channel scan.

2008-05-26 22:16:45tgy (59.7N-5.5E,70cm) ? Weak, but ok on a 72x65 antenna. Strong and very ok on a 85x95.

2008-05-10 18:58:45raindancerob (53.2N-2.1W,110cm) 28 East is booming in here in Sheffield, South Yorkshire using my Raven Zone 2 minidish & Sony VTX-S760U digital satellite receiver. signal strength is 100% & signal quality is 90% however it only ever goes down to 85% in very bad weather. btw im getting all channels on all transponders at 28.2 & 28.5 East with the same results.

2008-05-08 11:16:49max6mandi (41.5N-12.3E,100cm) ? Rome, no signal Astra 2D with 100 cm :,-(

2008-05-07 13:17:50alverico (36.8N-5.4W,100cm) ? ok desde arahal,seville,spain señal 69 al 72 % todos bbc e itv ,con antena de 100 cm y con lnb de 0.2db

2008-05-07 13:02:38alverico (36.8N-5.4W,100cm) ? desde arahal,seville,spain señal 65 al 70 % todos bbc e itv

2008-03-14 21:16:00larslande (59.3N-5.2E,85cm) ? Haugesund, on the West Coast Of Norway near Stavanger: 85cm disk old 0.8db twin lnb. 90%signal and 50% quality. Got BBC in excellent! I used a fixed offset disk 85cm with a standard LNB with built in feedhorn. STRONG tuner.

2008-01-13 23:03:58stephengrenfell (43.2N-6.3E,80cm) ? Live north just North of Cannes on the Cote d'Azur. Good reception of all channels (incl all ITV & BBC regions) no fading in the evening or in bad weather. Using an 80cm dish with "basic" LNB & receiver setup [system cost 80 Euros from the local DIY store]. Took a while to find 2D - very happy with the result

2008-01-09 15:16:42sblinx (35.7N-14.5E,120cm) i only manage to get the BBCi 1-8 and BBC parlament from malta with my 120cm dish

2007-12-10 18:28:49haakon64 (27.8N-16.4W,60cm) ? Good signal, but will be better with 80cm dish

2007-12-09 19:29:36muky (45.9N-15.8E,90cm) ? tomo2106 (45.5N-16E,155cm) Zagreb, Croatia. Gibertini 90 cm, LNB Invacom 0,3dB + motor. Very low signal.

2007-12-08 12:50:54aiwo (47.6N-11.8E,100cm) 150cm 72%

2007-12-05 01:36:00russzero (51.1N-0.3E,80cm) ? easy to find. very strong signal. strongest one out of 3.(28* 19*E and 13*E). nearly 1000 cnls in all on 28*E. just moved the lnb from single fixed 60cm dish to a fixed 80cm dish shared with 13* and 19* and still get strong reception. not all the local terestrial signals are FTA on here. shame.

2007-10-30 20:46:522wayman (38.7000-0.10000,240cm) ? bbc1 1nd itv 24/7

2007-10-23 17:04:55charly20 (50.5N-4.5E,240cm) Strong reception with 80cm NoName in Brussels/Belgium

2007-10-06 17:35:44bibifricoti (43.8N-7.5E,90cm) ? Very good reception of all channels of Astra 2 and Eurobird in Menton, french Riviera.

2007-05-13 17:25:06flees (54.7N-10.5E,222cm) Been receiving 2D for over a year now with no problems. 60mtr cable run with amp halfway Maximum 1000 FTA Sat RX. Snow and heavy rain does not knock the signals. BBC HD FTA is fine also. Wonder what the new Freesat platform will bring us, lots or nothing.....

2007-04-09 08:50:45POLO9999 (50N-4.8E,80cm) Real good signal at Astra 2D (70% up to 80% (V and H) receive All BBC and ITV channels !

2007-02-23 13:00:51Joddle (31.4N-5.8E,240cm) ? Currently getting all Sky freeview channels in daytime. Using Pace 2600 Invcom C120 0.3 twin LNB. Loose BBC3 and BBC4 at 18:30 GMT followed by ITV3 then BBC2 around 20:30 GMT then BBC1 and ITV1 at about 2200 GMT. Waiting for decent meter to adjust bettre as I suspect could do better. Get 80%SS and 80-90% Qual on Astra 2d in day but drops to 50%SS and 25% Qual at night, somtimes filing to lock.

2007-02-11 21:36:20phelps (34.5N-33.2E,255cm) ? evening and heavy rain breakup on Astra2D

2007-02-11 21:36:13phelps (34.5N-33.2E,255cm) ? evening and heavy rain breakup on Astra2D

2007-01-23 09:30:11kari93 (60.1N-24.4E,240cm) 24/7 reception with all Vertical transponders. Horizontal late nights at winter time. Dish 240cm Aerial prime focus - LNB: Invacom QDF-031 Universal Quad LNB 0.3dB C120 - Receiver Grundig GDS3000.

2007-01-13 14:55:17igorlan (50N-19E,180cm) All Vertical transponders 24/7 Horizontal - occasionally

2006-12-20 15:52:55itisix (40.8N-8.5W,125cm) 1.25m antenna near Aveiro with multi-lnb

2006-12-13 19:07:05silsou (44.8N-0.2E,65cm) ok 60 Cm 66% qualité signal

2006-11-07 19:44:49orf1 (37.3N-5.9W,100cm) Nice with 100 cm dish, weak in V pol. at night. Seville (Spain)

2006-10-23 13:10:23mbortola (-,0cm) ? No se recibe nada del Astra 2D, ni ITVs ni BBCs (ni siquiera con antena de 1.35 m y LNB Inverto Pro, el mejor según algunos)

2006-10-23 13:08:56mbortola (-,0cm) ? No se recibe nada del Astra 2D, ni ITVs ni BBCs (ni siquiera con antena de 1.35 m y LNB Inverto Pro, el mejor según algunos)

2006-10-23 12:55:51mbortola (-,0cm) ? No se recibe nada del Astra 2D, ni ITVs ni BBCs (incluso con LNB Inverto Pro, el mejor según algunos)

2006-09-16 22:57:55mbortola (-,0cm) ? ecsanfu (59N,16E, Triax 110cm, 0.3 LNB Maximum single Platinium LNB) Receive Astra 2D very stable l BBC 1, BBC2, ITV, BBC 3, BBC 4 etc... have even used 80 cm but picture fades away during late evening round about 19:30 -- 20:00

2006-09-02 16:20:26mbortola (-,0cm) ? 80cm dish/kit bought Mr Bricolage. Excellent all Astra 2/Hotbird/Astra1

2006-08-08 17:09:47mbortola (-,0cm) ? Can get reasonable signal with 45cm dish. Anything over 60cm gives a perfect signal in all weather

2006-07-06 13:52:09mbortola (-,0cm) ? (37.56N-23.59E RH side Athens Int Airport) No 2D, all others fine. Must try harder.

2006-07-01 16:20:55mbortola (-,0cm) ? Hamburg all Channels OK

2006-06-19 21:06:13mbortola (-,0cm) ? no reception for bbc one

2006-06-19 19:14:01mbortola (-,0cm) ?

2006-06-16 15:44:47mbortola (-,0cm) ? Very good reception also for BBC HD Gibertini 120cm; STAB motor; DUCL installer

2006-06-15 23:29:13mbortola (-,0cm) ? normal, 40%

2006-05-22 12:39:39mbortola (-,0cm) ? All channels received at approx 65% quality some drop out in very heavy rain. 60mtr cable run Maximum LNB C120 type for non offset type of dish. (Triax) DVB 1000 Sat Rx. This unit is labelled up for many companies so could get better results with another Rx.

2006-04-20 08:33:47mbortola (-,0cm) ? Desde Masquefa(BCN) el astra 2D entra bien en todos sus transpondedores, con paella de 110cm y lnb sharp 0.3

2006-02-20 21:47:02mbortola (-,0cm) ? voulez vous me donner cooment faire pour capter bbc a alger je veux savoir la taille de la parrabole et les accesoire le db de lnb

2006-02-19 12:56:52mbortola (-,0cm) ? Excellent signal with 80cm and 0.3db LNB

2006-01-26 00:53:07mbortola (-,0cm) ? ITV 1,2,4 ca 50% signal ITV 3, BBC One, Two, Three, Four ca 46% in good conditions. Tuner: Force 1199S, Antenna Echostar 120cm offset. LNB Inverto twin 0,3dB, ca 30m of cable with two switces in line (Spaun uncomitted and comitted 4-1).

2006-01-25 10:47:54mbortola (-,0cm) ? Location: Walldorf (69190)Germany. Signal Strength 88-92%. Wonderful signal.

2005-12-29 19:53:50mbortola (-,0cm) ? 70% signal on a thomsen dsi4200 with a 1m offset dish, 0.5dB lnb. All channels ok, no dropouts even when snowing!

2005-11-14 15:19:26mbortola (-,0cm) ? Receiving all transponders on Astra 2D without any problems in all weatherconditions using a Channel Master 1,8 m and a Invacom dual LNB 0,3 dB noisefigure. Signalstength on horisontal 70-75% on vertical 55-60%. Changing LNB made a difference of about 5-8% stronger signal.

2005-10-06 14:27:58mbortola (-,0cm) ? Live near Realmont in the Tarn. Montagne Noire between Albi and Castres. Bought a 69 Euro Satellite Kit from BricoDepot that included an 80 cm dish and a Boston 4500 decoder. Needed to program in the details for the Astra 2D satellite, but now get all channels clearly at all times.(including ITV 3) A very satisfied self-installed customer. I know nothing about satellites, but pointed at Astra 1, then moved East a little, lowered the elevation of the dish with an offset LNB and we got 'yellow' bars on the decoder signal strength bars. Very happy so far with the decoder box since, as opposed to the Sky boxes, the signal strength meter responds immediately. Also get Eurobird and Astra 2A channels at the same time. A happy bunny now as can watch Anglo-welsh rugby and Little Britain. :-)

2005-10-05 18:43:24mbortola (-,0cm) ? I receieve all channels from Astra 2D except for ITV 3 (10906 V). I use an old 180 cm center fed dish, Luxor. I haven´t got an LNB for primefocus antennas so I use an ordinary LNB (made for offset antennas) Digiality SF-10. My receiver is Samsung DSR9500 via ci and I use no switches, I have about 20 m coaxial cable. I live 3 km northwest Falkenberg in Sweden. My settings: Azimuth 161,45 Elevation 23,83 Skew -3 dgr.

2005-08-29 21:12:37mbortola (-,0cm) ? All FTA BBC cleared in Nice with Triax 78cm dish 0.3db lnb on astra2D

2005-08-16 21:57:09mbortola (-,0cm) ? vertical OK,but not horizontal.Astra2A&B is OK.LNB?? is Maximum 0,3dB + DM7020 in Tallinn

2005-08-03 11:32:00Chezzdevil (42.5N-2.4E,135cm) Very good reception +82 680 TV & 179 Radio on DB7000 with 0.3 LNB (combined with eurobird)

2005-07-22 23:39:37steenb (55N-11.8E,125cm) ? Vertical ok, horizontal on threshold

2005-07-22 21:48:18jancza (54.6N-11.4E,125cm) NOk signal both BBC and ITV

2005-07-14 23:40:37gcecconi (-,80cm) (46N-13E) no astra 2d from this location.

2005-07-14 23:38:18gcecconi (-,80cm) no 2d from this location.

2005-07-14 23:21:30mrvalley (56.1N-14.7E,100cm) I have picture on BBC 1 in the daytime , 65% on Dreambox

2005-07-05 08:50:24djtaylor (56N-9.4E,90cm) 90 cm dish and Coship 5300a. All 2D (BBC)signals loud and clear

2005-06-09 10:57:47Karma (49.2N-8.2E,80cm) Get only Vertical Beams. Signal 40%. Horizontal not found (BCC channels) will try with Bigger dish 110cm

2005-05-23 09:41:37mhegger (41N-1E,100cm) Barcelona, all BBC channels clear with 110cm dish

2005-05-20 13:26:44tomo2106 (45.5N-16E,155cm) Zagreb, Croatia. Gibertini 155 cm, LNB Invacom twin 0,3 dB. Very low signal, can not scan anything. Will try with larger dish

2005-04-27 23:23:58kflood (57.6N-12E,230cm) I can view all channels

2005-04-26 13:07:36Proson (60.9N-14.3E,125cm) Can now see H polarity transponder. Have problem on V polarity. SWEDEN, MORA.

2005-04-23 23:21:24funta (49.6N-8.6E,60cm) bbc has good signal here

2005-04-20 15:22:22Mrozus (52.3N-14.7E,125cm) West Poland : not receive transponders from V polarization , pol. H strong and good signal

2005-04-11 16:47:20jbstephen (44.4N-11.7E,150cm) Pace 2600 +0.6db AP8-T2. Strong except in heavy rain and for a short time around midnight on ITV.

2005-04-10 21:07:21raquero (36.4N-4.2W,80cm) 55% sgnl strength in Malaga Spain Astrid 2D good on most chls ITV3 bad at night

2005-04-07 16:15:12Proson (60.9N-14.3E,125cm) Sweden, mora can not se bbc. ca 75 cm dish. 4db

2005-04-06 00:57:34Deco (41.3N-2.3E,100cm) Barcelona, Astra 2D, Antena 1m, lnb 0,3. OK toda la programción BBC

2005-04-01 10:24:30senilebiker (44.4N-0.9W,65cm) Strong on all channels in Arcachon with visiosat 65cm on Astra 1 and 2

2005-02-13 09:36:22nikos crete (35.1N-25E,140cm) I have 1.40 gibertini offset lnb 0.3 echostar.I have tryed also invacom but very weak signal,no picture on H trasponders

2005-02-12 07:59:38nikos crete (35.1N-25E,140cm) not yet but i will get there!!

2005-01-29 22:22:57marco (45.8N-9.2E,85cm) I receive w/out problems the bbc at 9db SNR with a ugly dish 85cm.

2005-01-17 19:38:54peeraxel (54.5N-9.5E,75cm) ? about 2D: BBC comes clear all day except 6 - 8 am. These 2 hours there are always heavy dropouts.

2004-12-28 15:51:49farrell (30N-30.1E,240cm) no signel 2.4meter fuji 0.3LNB CAIRO. will try harder

2004-11-23 18:31:31 (42N-26.3E,240cm) ?

2004-11-23 18:30:37 (42N-26.3E,240cm) ?

2004-11-22 12:49:27hudheifa1 (35.1N-0.3E,120cm) ? 120cm dish no reception for bbc channels

2004-11-12 16:10:51ini (50.5N-6.4E,80cm) I seem to have lost all horizontal channels on my skydigibox, 80cm dish ,humax lnb. I guess the lnb is broken any other ideas??? Please let me know.

2004-11-01 15:38:06willem (52.8N-6.1E,88cm) Good signal on all BBC channels using 88 cm dish

2004-09-09 12:38:10 (50.8N-11.7E,110cm) ?

2004-09-02 15:48:31narmerdrink (41.5N-12.8E,120cm) Absolutely nothing signal of BBC channels with a 120cm dish

2004-07-11 11:11:47willemjan (52.8N-6E,88cm) stable reception at 99% quality on 88 cm dish

2004-06-13 00:42:56PatValence (44.9N-5E,80cm) Reception clean I see all the BBC channels without problem. The gauge on my terminal indicates 78 percent.

2004-06-08 11:22:03Tapsa (67.1N-27.3E,240cm) ? Signal strong enough for all channels including irish radio which has the weekest signal! My location is on finnish lapland.

2004-06-06 15:16:20tony (28N-16.5W,255cm) ? perfect whit 270cm dish and invacom 0.3

2004-06-06 15:15:11tony (28.1N-16.4W,120cm) perfect whit 270cm dish and invacom 0.3

2004-06-06 15:14:37tony (28.1N-16.4W,120cm)

2004-05-29 11:40:51stduf (50.6N-2.4E,75cm) ? very good reception 56% niveau quality 90%

2004-04-16 12:34:47oddy (44.2N-25.7E,255cm) 3 meter dish, invacom 0.3db, very weak signal received, measured with spectrum analiser c/n=3db,may be 4, tested with manu receivers, STRONG 4450, SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA, HUMAX, PHILIPS. In 3, 4 weeks, i want to test with 3,7m or 5 meters dish

2004-03-29 00:57:07ProMediaMan (50.1N-5W,55cm) All BBC Radio & TV FTA - 85-98% on SkyStar2 PCI Card with Sky Dish in Falmouth.

2004-03-01 10:03:42bob (45.8N-5.5E,80cm) ? strong signal in Geneva, Switzerland with 80cm dish

2004-02-29 23:04:32valeriu (48.1N-11.4E,85cm) BBC good signal

2004-02-23 16:09:44aapee (62.7N-28.9E,80cm) nothing from 28.2D,others from 28.2 strong signal.

2004-02-22 16:02:04Flemming (55.2N-12.4E,1cm) Denmark,Farum.180 cm Channel Master with Grundig Skydigibox Universal 0,3 DB Invacom.Good reception on BBC and ITV

2004-02-10 15:39:44Muahahha (62N-6E,90cm) ? Been snowing at this time so uncertian to report a good signal

2004-02-10 15:36:41Muahahha (62N-6E,90cm) ?

2004-01-24 15:41:26 (36.4N-6.2W,50cm) Good reception with a minidish in all weathers, except with Skyware or Thomson lnb.

2004-01-09 15:21:45mab (43.3N-3.4E,75cm) Visiosat bisat dish with 2 lnbs (0.4 db noise figure) feeding a Philips DSB 1100. Signal 75% on BBC channels.

2004-01-08 12:33:25Adi (53.4N-10.7E,80cm) Toroidal T90 - No problems

2004-01-07 22:00:52Lolo (51.2N-5E,80cm) ? bonne reception

2004-01-05 23:10:43tressat (41.6N-2.8E,100cm) Todos los trasnpodedores de la bbc perfecto sin pixelaciones en Barcelona con Echostar 808 2CI

2003-11-13 15:19:17Becas (41.5N-8.5W,90cm) OK, with 0.80cm dish

2003-11-08 02:18:03tane (61.5N-21.9E,180cm) no signal, 180 cm prime focus

2003-11-02 17:53:27controlq (44.1N-12.3E,120cm) Near Rimini, 120, no signal

2003-09-28 (52.4N-13.3E,80cm) No chance to receive Astra 2D's UK-Spotbeam using a 80 cm dish in Berlin, Germany - RDG.

2003-09-02 19:45:36Dino (42.1N-13.4E,90cm) Amelia-Umbria-no astra 2d

2003-08-28 12:48:17Helmut (48N-12.9E,150cm) A good, stable reception even at bad weather conds.( heavy rain, black thunderstorm clouds... )

2003-08-17 (49.5N-22E,255cm) good signal BBC FTA channels 10,818V on 2,4x2,7m Polish dish with GI-201 0,3dB and MTI T2 LNBs in Rymanow Zdroj south-east Poland. No signal from H polarization!

2003-08-13 10:55:35Sleepy (43.5N-11.3E,180cm) 180 cm Channel Master, SMW800XC LNB 0.6 dB, Nokia 9600, good in Sunny weather at all times (no rains yet to check in rainy weather!). Slight decrease in signal in the late evening, but reception usually still good.

2003-08-07 14:23:26rbeylot (48.5N-1.1E,80cm) Parfait par tous les temps!

2003-08-06 12:07:29Philip (42.7N-12.4E,120cm) ? BBC reception mornings only (near Arezzo).Dish: 120cm, LNB: 0.6dB

2003-08-06 12:05:35Philip (42.7N-12.4E,120cm) ? BBC reception mornings only (near Arezzo).Dish: 120cm, LNB: 0.6dB

2003-08-03 01:04:41peter (53.8N-19.3E,150cm) ? Empfang von Arabsat 2D nur bis ca.12Uhr moeglich,und zwar aus H-Polarisation.Arabsat 3A ist dagegen gut empfaenglich.

2003-08-03 00:55:00peter (53.8N-19.3E,150cm) ? Guter Empfang mit 150cm-Antenne beim heiteren Wetter mit 0,3 LNB

2003-07-28 23:40:28Hakam (31.4N-36.1E,180cm) ? No reception of bbc channels in Amman jordan with a 180 cm dish.

2003-07-23 22:16:37Siddy (42.3N-12E,90cm) I can not receive Astra 2D at all from near Florence. I will soon try a larger dish.

2003-07-22 15:31:24 (52.6N-7E,60cm) today put up my 60 cm dish for the BBC etc channels. Have every channel with good clean picture here.

2003-07-22 12:23:08doudou (45.4N-3.3E,65cm) ? bonne reception de bbc

2003-07-21 17:38:23spinner (45.2N-9.2E,85cm) Strong signal from all trasponders in Milan with 85 cm.

2003-07-18 15:56:14BBC (56.6N-10.1E,120cm) Nice and clean signals with 120 cm. dish and INVACOM 0.3 LNB in clear weather however pixelation when raining and dropouts in heavy rain.

2003-07-16 13:36:33visumsat (27.7N-16.4W,240cm) all bbc are ok with 2.4 channel master

2003-07-16 13:25:59AB (52.4N-8.9E,85cm) Good reception with all BBC + ITV Channels

2003-07-13 19:40:12Salonikios (40.4N-23E,140cm) ? No signal

2003-07-13 19:15:32Stéphane C. (44.8N-0.7W,85cm) I have a strong signal of all now free BBC channels and of all other FTA channels on ASTRA 2D (Dish 85cm,TOPFIELD PVR 4000,reception quality 89%)

2003-07-12 23:09:53bouchon (48.2N-6.1E,90cm) echostar 3000 ip et 90cm signal 83%

2003-07-12 20:42:53mennowz (51.7N-5.1E,110cm) Got motorized system, 1m10 triax dish , 99% strength 100% quality on a Humax 5400 ;)

2003-07-11 19:45:01tonskidutch (52.2N-5E,70cm) I got it immediately and in best quality, 78% which is similar to the astra 19,2

2003-07-08 23:44:03rz (45.5N-25.3E,1cm) No signal at all from Astra 2D. 1.4M, 0.6db LNB

2003-07-08 22:59:18piazzolla (44.4N-9E,85cm) just regarding bbc, I have strong signal 57% on main transponder at 10773H, average 35% on the other 3 transponders, 85cm motorized and lnb invacom 0,3db

2003-07-02 11:40:48andy (59.5N-18.4E,80cm) Never ITV2 but do get ITV & BBC as long as weather is fine - not late at night though!

2003-06-24 22:31:08burmabacken (57.7N-12E,105cm) No BBC,No ITV.(no astra 2D)

2003-06-18 18:48:06dv (39.4N-19.8E,240cm) áäõíáôù íá å÷ù ëõøç

2003-06-10 22:47:13Manu (44.8N-0.2W,100cm) Trés Bonne réception

2003-06-09 14:56:09digisat (68.6N-16E,140cm) clear bbc and other on horisontal signals,but cant get the vertical signal, on a prime dish 140 cm

2003-06-08 14:53:27Nalleman (58.3N-15.1E,180cm) No probs with the BBC! Generally strong signal on all horisontal signals. The vertical ones are a bit weaker.

2003-06-08 12:21:48satgirl (49.5N-10.2E,55cm) minidish + amstrad dx3 - 50%strength, 70%quality. Breaks up in stormy weather

2003-06-01 14:06:55richardinalex (31.2N-30E,180cm) Can receive 2B - no joy for 2D on the 180cm - looking around for a 2.4m dish to play with

2003-05-29 21:26:30Dos (55.1N-13.6E,100cm) panasonic dsb 31,alps lnb, 100 cm dish, nothing from astra 2d

2003-05-25 23:12:50Johnboy99 (43.4N-5.4E,60cm) Did have a 43cm (zone1)dish and lost itv in evenings, now have 60cm (zone2)all come in strong

2003-05-25 17:23:15Markus85 (44.4N-10.1E,120cm) I don't see BBC

2003-05-25 10:01:25jvt (58.2N-15.3E,110cm) lost all BBC due to heavy rain pm, recovery via s/w reload. Results now mixed with 110cm. Can not now claim fully clean

2003-05-25 09:38:44Bent (56.5N-10.1E,95cm) No signal - 110 cm. dish with 0.3 dB LNB

2003-05-25 08:52:38Bent (56.5N-10.1E,95cm) No signals at all from 2D. 0.3 dB LNB and 95 cm.

2003-05-24 09:47:14jvt (58.2N-15.3E,110cm) 110 cm 0.5 db dual o/p 10.804H 22 5/6 yeilds results, better with Amstrad over Pace and pm results seem better than am to date. No sight of FTA yet. Will advise

2003-05-10 12:17:39TOF (48.2N-2E,90cm) ? la réception est parfaite. Aussi bien que astra 19,5 et Hotbird.

2003-05-09 20:20:33 (44.7N-11.4E,200cm)

2003-05-09 11:50:25stduf (50.4N-1.9E,75cm) ? bientot la bbc en clair !!!

2003-05-07 21:04:04 (44.7N-11.4E,200cm)

2003-05-06 23:16:01Bobben (60.1N-10.8E,120cm) ? Horisontal OK 08:30 CET. Lock problems on Vertical txp's. Horisontal singnal lock problems and no signal on vertical at 22:30 CET. Some months ago best reception was in evenings.

2003-05-06 20:32:19zaplion (49.2N-0.1E,87cm) zaplion (0.1E/49.2N-87cm) bonne reception

2003-05-05 22:02:56Pferd (52.3N-8.7E,65cm) ? 0,7db LNB Phillips - 80% quality on ITV channels

2003-04-30 17:37:34Ciccio (41N-13.3E,150cm) I don't see ITV at all with a 0.6dB LNB.

2003-04-19 16:06:02DishDad (38N-0.7W,150cm) Astra 2D ITV - C4 Never

2003-04-11 00:11:47iceman (35.1N-33.4E,4cm) 35.34-33.31,420cm - Replaced LNB with invacom 0.3dB C120.ALL Horizontal transponders OK 24 hours a day.Zero signal on Vertical transponders.

2003-04-09 23:33:38stduf (50.5N-2.3E,75cm) good reception

2003-04-07 21:26:57Dave (60.3N-22.2E,150cm) No itv NO chance never

2003-04-07 00:16:56iceman (35.1N-33.4E,4cm) 35.34-33.31,420cm Transponders 43&49 received 24 hours a day.No signal from other transponders on 2D.

2003-04-05 13:16:45Terranus (49.4N-10.8E,100cm) I receive Astra 2D with 100cm -very stable, I guess 90cm would be ok too.

2003-03-31 00:01:28klaro (48.9N-9E,60cm) good signal 80 qual&strength on astra2d

2003-03-29 04:43:17AlphaBrit (44N-1W,60cm) Caravan - Biscarrosse - each August. 60cm dish on tripod, clear view. Grundig. ITV always worked well in past so I have no fear with BBC this year.

2003-03-28 19:16:03corrigap (55.5N-13.3E,150cm) Good signal between approx. 23.00 and 19.30, but fades and disappears in between.

2003-03-28 17:35:39ugania (44.5N-11.4E,125cm) ? i have problems with the 2d from 9 at night for a few ours- but no problems in winter

2003-03-21 20:52:09markrrbb (48.8N-9E,85cm) good signal with 85cm on panasonic dsb30 in munich astra 2D

2003-03-20 08:18:35 (37.7N-23.6E,1cm)

2003-03-18 00:36:30vindaloo (36.4N-6.1W,135cm) Strong on all ITV channels except ITV2 which is a bit weaker. I lose the channels when it rains hard.

2003-03-01 18:48:18 (64.8N-30.9E,85cm) ?

2003-01-31 17:51:13dxn (38.7N-9.2W,205cm) strong signal on this sat on all chls

2002-12-17 06:32:12Manos Hrakleio (35.1N-25E,140cm) ? me kamia periptosi!

2002-12-16 18:32:33jcy (49.8N-2.4E,60cm) ? ok avec parabole 0.60 cm

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